Close does not shoot a rabbit!

Close does not shoot a rabbit!

May 19, 2018

We just released Canoe 0.9.9 and we wanted this to be 1.0.0 but as we say in Sweden, “close does not shoot a rabbit”. But various reasons, most specifically the fact that we are late and that the second canary block is getting released, we had to push this release out.

So we chose to call it Canoe 0.9.9 to indicate that… we are close, but not yet fully there.


This is what has changed since 0.3.7:

  • A small fix in how state blocks are handled, crucial for Canoe to use state blocks properly. This is the main reason we are forcing this release out.

  • MQTT now runs over standard HTTPS port 443, proxied by Nginx. This makes sure Canoe works fine behind picky firewalls (some people have had issues with this), and above all, it makes Canoe work fine in China.

  • Better repair. Earlier the Repair function missed removing old stale outgoing blocks, which could cause situations where only reimporting the seed could fix it. Now that should not be needed.

  • Improved foreign blocks handling (“seed sharing”). First steps to make Canoe handle seed sharing have been made. We didn’t have time to fully finish it, so please do not yet share your seed just yet. It will work in full for 1.0.0.

  • Independent servers. We have published a full description on how to set up your own Canoe backend server! There is one being operated right now that is not operated by us, and we hope more will join. This description is updated continuously and we hope to make it semi-automated also.

  • Improved the unlock screen even more.

  • Sound on/off setting so that you can turn off sounds, under Settings / Advanced.

  • Existing translations updated and more languages added: Czech, Norwegian Bokmål and Danish. This brings us to 19 languages in Canoe, but we have translators working on yet another 19 languages for a total of 38 languages. That’s just amazing!

  • Removed the last step confirmation dialog when sending Nano, it felt unnecessary.

  • Enforce the minimum 8 character password length on import as well.

  • Allow lower case A-F in seed hex input field.

  • Added support for the backend server to control the default representative that is used when creating new accounts.

  • Several improvements in the backend canoed code to support “seed sharing”.

  • Various bug fixes, refactored code and improvements.

Getting Help

First off, you may be reading this because you need help with Canoe. Best bet is to come to us on our discord server. There are many “paddlers” there to help, including the whole team.

What’s next?

Right after this release we continue on our work for 1.0.0. This consists mainly of enabling “seed sharing”, enabling proper operation when offline and a few other improvements in operations. You can follow the last 10 open issues before we declare 1.0.0. For 1.0.0 we also want to have yet many more languages reaching 90% coverage so that we can include them in the release! I will personally make sure Swedish is 100% covered. :)

The Project

Canoe is Open Source, both in license (MIT) but perhaps more importantly, in spirit. Anyone can join and help, we build it together. All discussions around where development is going is public on our discord and we are currently 5 in the official team (Göran, Rami, Stef, Cedric and Tyler) and perhaps 5-10 more actively helping with testing, ideas and so on. Joining in is just a matter of doing the walk and not just the talk. :)

Canoe is not a core project, but we are actively working with the core team who have been very helpful and supportive of Canoe.

If you have questions or want to help out, you can always reach us on our discord server.

Thank you!

Göran, Rami, Tyler, Stef, Cédric