Canoe Patched

Canoe Patched

Apr 21, 2018

We just released Canoe 0.3.6 with support for the new state blocks (aka Universal Blocks).

Now Tyler and Stef spent some time ironing out a few bugs so we decided to make yet another patched release 0.3.7 and to release this one for all platforms, since 0.3.6 only came out for desktops and as a downloadable apk.


This release only includes a few fixes compared to 0.3.6:

  • Fixed the account selector for iPhone X

  • Fixed scroll bug in send tab preventing selection of accounts

  • Fix for bug in sending when using other languages

The Project

Canoe is Open Source, both in license (MIT) but perhaps more importantly, in spirit. Anyone can join and help, we build it together. All discussions around where development is going is public on our discord and we are currently 5 in the official team (Göran, Rami, Stef, Cedric and Tyler) and perhaps 5-10 more actively helping with testing, ideas and so on. Joining in is just a matter of doing the walk and not just the talk. :)

Canoe is not a core project, but we are actively working with the core team who have been very helpful and supportive of Canoe.

If you have questions or want to help out, you can always reach us on our discord server.

Thank you!

Göran, Rami, Tyler, Stef, Cédric