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Canoe Beta Week

Canoe Beta Week

Mar 26, 2018

The Canoe Beta release week is upon us! As of yesterday we closed our last issue blocking the Canoe Beta release, so now its time!

This article describes how we hope to get it all done, and where to sign up for iOS Testflight.


As some of you know Tyler Storm - as a task given him from Nano core - has built a really slick alias solution and he also integrated it fully with Canoe. The plan was to deploy it with Canoe beta.

At the same time the official Nano core team has been swamped with work on the core network and asked us in the last minute if we could postpone deploying aliases so that they can get the time to learn more about it and be more involved in a coordinated effort together around an alias solution. This was also extended to other efforts around aliases (Nanode) and we all agreed to put everything on ice.

I know some people may be disappointed we pulled this in the last minute, we know it works amazingly well and made Canoe a much more fun experience, but this solution was built by Tyler to be fully supported by core and the whole community - and given that - it felt best to take it out and give core a chance to engage. We hope this was the right thing to do.

The Beta release

Early in the week we will start with Getting the three desktop releases out, Windows, Linux and OSX. So the desktop will be released a bit “ahead of time” to iron out bugs. They are distributed as downloads.

We also have a signup page for iOS Testflight - go there and enter your email!

Then we will get the Android release out on playstore, hopefully mid week sometime.

Finally, the iOS Testflight starts at the end of the week.

Issue tracking

All work is driven via github’s issues and milestones and you can see any open issues for the beta on its milestone.

When you use Canoe, please report issues back to us and we will try to fix them as best we can!

When is 1.0?

Let’s together find out how much more fixes we want and need in Canoe before declaring a proper 1.0 release.

There is a list of things we would like to include in 1.0 that’s not in the current Beta, like for example a proper alias solution. And there are surely bugs to be fixed also.

Helping us

If you have questions or want to help out - there is always room for more people helping us - you can always reach us on our discord server. See more here.

Thank you, the Canoe team