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Alpha Pending Shutdown

Alpha Pending Shutdown

Feb 02, 2018

Work continues on the dev branch for the upcoming Beta, and progress is good. We hope to make the first release of the Beta available during february, we however do not have a date set yet. But for extreme early testers - do pop in on Discord and help us with internal first testing.

That said, the time has come to shut down the Alpha release. If you have used, or are using the Alpha - then please take the time to read this blogpost. This is very important to read.

The Shutdown

Without going into technicalities, the wallets that the Alpha release creates are based on trusting us and our server. The time for sunsetting the alpha is approaching, and if you used Canoe Alpha, you need to do the following:

  • Transfer all your Nano that you have in the Canoe alpha to another wallet. We recommend Nano Wallet but there are others too of course.
  • Never again use the seed that was used in the Canoe alpha wallet.

At the time of writing, there are some users who have more than 10 Nano in Canoe Alpha, some have substantially more. We really want to make sure your Nano are safe.

  • On the 9th February, we will halt the Canoe Alpha. That means the app will stop working since we shut down the server side.
  • If you haven’t moved your Nano to other accounts at that point, then you will have to email us at and ask us to reopen.
  • A week later, on the 16th february we will nuke the wallets from our server - in fact - we will delete the whole rai_node.
  • If someone has asked us to reopen, we will do so from 16th to 19th february. Then after that we will delete it all. Gone. Nada.

If you still haven’t moved your funds after the 19th february, you can still of course use the seed (which you have on paper right?) to access your accounts from any other wallet.

BUT… we really ask you to then move the funds out of these accounts and not use that seed anymore. Do not keep using this seed in another wallet.

It pains us to do this, but we have repeatedly stressed that the Alpha is for testing and we have come to the realization that we have to do this, and hope you guys understand.

In return for your troubles we assure you that we work hard to get you the Beta instead!

If you have questions you can always reach us on our discord server.

Thank you, the Canoe team.